Beauty of Brain (BoB) 3 Editions

With the partnership of Young People’s library – Bibliotheca Alexandrina, we started a scientific program under the title of “Beauty of Brain”, it’s designed to identify the basic knowledge of neuroscience, consisting of 18 seminars over the course of four weeks, and all the participants in the program are young people aged between (12-16) years old.

Courses of the program:

  1. Basics of Functional Neuroanatomy: 3 sessions
  2. Introduction to cellular neurobiology & physiology: 3 sessions
  3. Emotion, Cognition & Behavior: 3 sessions
  4. Neuropathology and the advanced approaches in treatment: 4 sessions
  5. Computational Neuroscience: 3 sessions
  6. Soft Skills: 2 sessions

The instructors of the program are postgraduates at Euro-Mediterranean Master in Neuroscience and Biotechnology at Alexandria university.

One of the aims of the program it to improve the curiosity & awareness of young people toward importance of neuroscience, deliver the meaning of the beautiful science and to motivate the community to encourage the young people, because they have the light inside them which will let them to make glorious achievements in the future and that’s will be reflected on our community.

2017. 2018. 2019.
Over 100 participants
2017 Edition 2018 Edition 2019 Edition                                                                                         

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