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A) Responsible for organizing the sessions and events of the initiative along with every single de ta il occurring inside or outside the hall through a wide range of tasks.

B) Responsible for providing the best learning environment for the attendees and participants to ensure their entertainment and benefit.

C) Responsible for handling and solving complains on spot.

D) Responsible for preparing the needed equipment and material for the occurring events.




In order to apply for a position, you should have the following set of essential skills.

A) Being committed and persistent.

B) Having excellent flexible attitude.

C) Above average communication skills.

D) Ability to handle time crunch and having good crisis management skills.

E) Eagerness to learn.

F) Ability to work in a stressful environment.

G) Excellent problem-solving skills.

H) Ability to multitask.

I) Ability to prioritize and plan effectively.

J) Emotional intelligence.

K) Creativity.

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